Philosophy Rocket Bistro

You not only get cosy in the rooms in the lovely hotel Rocket Rooms Velden and indulge in a bit of time-out, but also enjoy fantastic times in the Rocket bistro and restaurant. After all, the priority on Andreas Hofmayer’s personal menu is FOOD & STYLE.

Start the day with an unbelievable buffet breakfast & fantastic specials. Re-energize during the day with legendary snacks such as crispy butter fried bread, fresh salads which have a bit of spice and crunch and superb burgers which have an undeniable WOW. In the evening the bistro is transformed into a hip restaurant serving unbelievable meals such as Chateaubriand, noodles served with goose liver and mind-blowing desserts. One thing is for sure – there is something for EVERYONE, from early to late.

Delight at our Restaurant in Velden. Rocket Bistro in the heart of Velden. Reserve a room. Switch off. Enjoy Velden and experience it up close.

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Rocket Bistro

Food & Style

From seven in the morning until late into the night, Hofmayer manages to bring together all components in the hotel Rocket Rooms. The Rocket Rooms is a restaurant, bistro, bar, café and hotel in one, offering an unbelievable venue for all foodie fans, right in the heart of Velden. A special lifestyle feeling, urban music and Hofmayer’s sophisticated cuisine makes the Rocket a real experience. The interior is a fusion of puristic design and monochrome colours. Lie back and relax in the loungers, which tempt you to just chill! Whereas during the day you get to enjoy being cosy on the sun-kissed terrace and also gaze in wonder at the hotel’s own herb garden, in the evening a wide selection of drinks is available at the bar. The place to be for long drinks, traditional cocktails and the Rocket’s own drinks featuring ginger, matcha, raspberry and much more.

Start into the new day

Nearly Twenty Four Seven, our guests are treated to grandiose simple food, urban music and great lifestyle events. Our classic breakfast includes a buffet with fresh juices, local produce, top Italian coffee, a fine selection of bread & pastries from Wienerroither and egg creations of local eggs, which are ordered directly in the open kitchen and then prepared.

Breakfast at the hotel Rocket Rooms

And in the morning ... Herbal tea mixture from your own garden. But that was not all. Our Rocket breakfast can then be extended with special extended egg dishes, as well as numerous creative muesli creations - so we make every breakfast heart beat faster. And for all those who like to sit down at the table, the breakfast with the sounding title - Rocket Royal Breakfast - is of course served with all delicacies directly to the white-laid table.

The Story of the Rocket Rooms ... Loosely casual uncomplicated! A restaurant, a hotel, a bistro, a bar - for all this is the "Rocket Rooms" and offers a pure urban feel - and in the middle of Velden am Wörthersee.