Just a few metres from the hotel Rocket Rooms is lovely Casino Velden, which has events throughout the year, as well as superb games at its tables. It is not just during peak season that the lovely lake attracts people with parties like the Fete Blanche, the Pink Lake Festival and co; there are events during the rest of the year too, such as the loveliest Advent markets in Austria. Velden enjoys a special reputation far beyond the borders of Austria and draws in people from across the globe.

As well as the entertainment programmes, it is the wonderful natural surroundings all around the town which inspire people. There are numerous hiking routes and cycle paths. There are also superb golf courses and excursion destinations for all ages. The hotel Rocket Rooms Velden is therefore not just an ideal starting point for well-being moments, parties and events, conferences, entertainment programmes and fantastic excursions, it can also be regarded as a practical starting point for one-day excursions to our lovely neighbouring countries of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Although Ariach is the geographical centre of Carinthia’s region, Velden am Wörthersee is definitely a centre in terms of lifestyle, enjoyment, well-being, relaxation, sport, entertainment, swimming and holidays too – providing a superb, all-round package.

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Holiday in Velden

Casino Velden

The Casino Velden with its incomparable location on the Wörthersee-bay fascinates with its mix of see and be seen, high-profile conferences, a restaurant with many outlets and a play area that inspires all guests.

Casino Velden

Schifffahrt at Wörthersee

Enjoy unforgettable hours on one of the cruise ships. In addition to daily trips from May to October you will find numerous other highlights.
Experience the Wörthersee at its best! Let you be surprised and enjoy a carefree, enjoyable ride over the Wörthersee. Welcome aboard!

Schifffahrt at Wörthersee


The miniature world at lake “Wörthersee” - is a place to enjoy, relax, learn, have fun, see and learn. This attraction is located in Klagenfurt, just a 15 minutes drive away from our hotel. About 150 replicas of famous buildings, trains and ships invite for a trip around the world. The slogan could be “on just one day around the world!”

Minimundus Klagenfurt