Philosophy Rocket Restaurant & Bistro

Hello gourmet! Nice that you're here and want to know more about our ROCKET Restaurant & Bistro. To make it easy for you and to help you decide on your next meal, we'll tell you a bit about our food and the style behind it.

It all started with a... Oh you know what, let's stop telling stories and get to the point, we're all hungry aren't we?

Okay, but of course there's still a very special story behind each of our dishes, and if you'd like to read more about it, you're welcome to browse through our lunch menu and get inspired.

P.S. Not only can all hotel guests enjoy ROCKET from morning to night, but all other external guests are of course also very welcome.

Here are our opening hours!

You can book your table here directly!

Food & Style

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we serve a breakfast buffet for gourmets. We promise you warm coffee, freshly prepared egg dishes and even more delicacies to sweeten your day in the morning!

In our varied food and drink menus you will not only find really fancy burgers or traditional Carinthian Kasnudeln, but also dishes with a twist and lots of fusion - JUST TRY IT!

But hello, it's not just our food that has the necessary kick, our ROCKET drinks are also impressive and are sure to put a smile or two on your face.

OHHH YES - our mouths are already watering, aren't you? Then enjoy incredible food all day long and let us spoil you with breakfast, lunch and dinner.